I primarily play games on Steam, but I'm pretty open minded and I'm not picky at all. I've been recently getting into JPGs, so if there are any classics out there that I need to try... Woo? My Steam library is pretty large while my handheld and console library is rather lacking... I love games, physical or digital, and merchandise (posters, novels, etc). I also really love art and posters of all types, though typically anything fantasy or scifi associated makes me drool.

My steam wishlist (is in order, if you sort by rank)

Franchises/Games I like (possibly use these as a basis?): Pokemon, Harvestmoon, Rune Factory, Fable, The Elder Scrolls series, Arma, Fallout, Mount and Blade, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Dark Souls, Demon's Souls, Terraria, MineCraft, Divinity, Baldur's Gate, Fire Emblem.


Games I own already: If I don't own it, I haven't played it.
3ds/DS: Pokemon Y, Rune Factory 4, Luigis Mansion: Darkmoon, Harvest Moon 3d: A new beginning, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Fire Emblem Awakening.
Ps Vita: Persona 4 Golden, Persona 3 Portable, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Sine Mora, Hotline Miami, Odd world strangers Wrath HD.
Ps3: Only have PS plus games. Just got a Ps3.
Steam: I own a lot of games on Steam. I'm so sorry.

Genres I enjoy most: RPGS, Action/Adventure, JRPGS, Simulation, Roguelikes, Strategy, Indie.


Systems I own: PS3, PS VITA, 3DS, PC - Steam

Favorite TV shows: Fringe, Doctor Who, Community, Game of Thrones, Lost, Psych, Dexter.

I also love books and movies, some of my favorite genres are science fiction and fantasy, but I'm not picky at all.